In new cars; solar roof panels will charge the car battery

سیاسی 2018-11-02
In new cars; solar roof panels will charge the car battery
An automobile company is planning to charge 30-60% of battery power by using solar panels in electric and gasoline vehicles.
Hyundai will add solar roof panels to its electric and gasoline from 2020, according to a news agency "Siyasi Business Group" which is quoted by Mehr. This will help in making more cars work.
The integration of solar panels with cars in the next steps involves the addition of mobile translucent roofs with solar collecting capability.
In addition to increasing the efficiency of greenhouse gasses, these solar roofs reduce the range of Hyundai and Kia vehicles. The use of these panels directly charges the battery and reduces the workload of internal combustion engines (ICEs)
This technology develops in 3 stages. In the first step, solar silicon panels are massively manufactured and used on standard roof plates of hybrid vehicles. These panels can charge up to 30 to 60 percent a day.
In the second stage, semi-transparent panels are added to vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine. Panels charge the car's original battery. In the third stage, solar panels are integrated into the car's structure.
Of course, Hyundai and Kia had not announced a specific timeline for the implementation of the three phases. But it seems the companies plan to install the first solar roof systems from 2019 onwards in cars


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