The safest cars of 2019 were introduced; 57 cars could take the safety mark.

سیاسی 2019-03-12
The safest cars of 2019 were introduced; 57 cars could take the safety mark.
Hyundai stood at the top of the 2019 best-in-class car manufacturer ( in assessing the safety features) with Kia and Subaru, each of them with eight second- and third-place representatives.
Siyasi Business group reports that according to the IIHS Highway Safety Insurance Institute, a less-than-10-day delay by the end of 2018 and the beginning of the New Year, the list of the world's safest car companies was released, in which Asians took the lead in European rivals, were kidnapped. Safe vehicles are ranked in two very safe and secure categories, with the exception that the safety of pedestrians is also considered in a very safe category.
Hyundai was ranked among the safest cars by having six safe cars and four highly secured cars. The second stage overall comes to Kia and Subaru, which the Korean automaker has three safety vehicles, and five highly secure, but rival Japanese car, have seventh highly secured cars. Of the five Honda cars, four are in the very safe part and only one car in the safe part.
Toyota and Mercedes-Benz each with four, BMW, Mazda, Nissan (Aymen) and Genesis (very safe) each with three, Audi with two and Lexus, Accura, Mitsubishi and Chrysler each with a car on this list respectively Categories are next. Because Lexus and Acura are respectively Laccher brands from Toyota and Honda, naturally, their only representative on the list of the safest cars should be classified in a very secure category. The IIHS badge this year was awarded to 57 cars in various classes.
The size and the features of the so-called class of cars are considered in the ranking of the best cars for the safety of occupants (and pedestrians). Small cars (Honda Inside), Mid-Range vehicles (Hyundai Sonata), Lacchi Mid-Range vehicles (Genesis G70), Grand Vauxhall (Toyota Vallan), Lacchetz's Big Cars (Hyundai Series 5), Small Chassis (Hyundai Knees), Chassis Cabels (Hyundai Santa Fe) And the Grand Bros. (Accura Ardyx) are very safe vehicles.
In the safe-minivan category, Hyundai XCT and Kyriot are in the same category. The Mignon division has the name of two Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey. Small cars (Hyundai El Nitra), mid-range vehicles (Honda Accords), mid-lacquer vehicles (Audi A3), large cars (Kia Cadenza), small chassis (Biodro IV X 2) and large chassis (Honda Pilot) are other safe car in these categories. The names of the flames indicate the top car of each section.


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