سیاسی 2018-09-15
With over half a century , Siyasi Business Group has been operating as a leading company in the field of sales and after sales services in the automotive industry.
The management of Siyasi Business Group has positioned its policies towards customer satisfaction and is committed to continuously improving its performance which will be done by optimizing the use of ISO systems and working towards the following objectives:
1. Creating value added for stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, parent companies, etc.)
2. Compliance with laws, regulations, internal and international requirements.
3. Reverence, safeguarding rights and increasing the satisfaction of customers, employees and stakeholders.
4. Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a strong technological tool to increase the speed of the organization's response to customers, optimize internal and external communications, and strengthen loyalty to customers and stakeholders.
5. Prevent and control the resources and environment of contaminants in accordance with environmental standards and regulations
6. Implementation of the occupational safety and health management system in order to improve the safety and health of the workplace, reduce waste costs, prevent damage, hazards and harmful factors.
7. Promoting and continuously improving the quality of services, productivity, creativity and innovation through developing the attitude of the core process in the organization, strengthening team thinking, improving communication and promoting ethical values.
8. Use opportunities to grow the organization by understanding the environmental changes of the business.
9. Reduce the risk implications of the organization through identification, assessment and monitoring.
10. Loyalty, Responsibility, Privacy, Trust to Employees, Customers and Beneficiaries
11. Adhere to the principles of culture and values in accordance with the standards and rules of the organization, national and international
12. Developing areas of activity and increasing the work groups and human resources of the target market
13. Empowering human resources through continuous education, increasing knowledge, skills, abilities, competence, staff awareness
14. Continuous efforts to provide appropriate, quality and consistent services to the requirements of the integrated management system, laws and regulations.
The General management of Siyasi Business Group declares its commitment to the stated objectives and expects all employees in each organizational category to be committed to the principles of the management system policy and to achieve their maximum efforts and endeavors seriously.