Car starter with fingerprints soon!

سیاسی 2019-03-12
Car starter with fingerprints soon!
Hyundai Motors decides to equip cars of the 2019 year model with starter technology using a fingerprint sensor.
Hyundai Motors has announced it plans to add a new system to next year's model cars so that Hyundai drivers and customers can instead start up and start up, according to a Siyasi Business Group, quoted ISNA. First Putting the car on the switch, turning on your fingerprint with your fingers on your car and your car will start.
The Korean automaker said that it plans to equip Hyundai's line of production in China in the first quarter of next year with such technology and by using this technology, if people and customers are welcomed to, another production line in its other factories Also transmits.
According to Diet's website, fingerprint sensor technology, which is currently used on smart phones and many smart gadgets in the technology industry, now seems to be welcomed in the automotive industry and It will be used to replace the locking system, vehicle startup, driver identification and anti-theft system in future cars.


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