Social Security Agency announced؛ Women aged 18 to 50 are subject to the Housewife Insurance

سیاسی 2018-10-04
All women aged 18 to 50 can benefit from the protections provided for in the insurance policy of homeowners and freelancers by referring to branches throughout the country.
The Social Security Agency announced that housewives insurance is one of the easy-to-use support provided to women, and the process of entering social security insurers is simply done according to this law.

All women from the age of 18 to 50 are enrolled in this law, and for people over 50, the amount of previous insurance coverage is added to the maximum age.

Other special features of homeowner insurance include the option of choosing a premium rate and a pay-as-you-go basis. Applicants who have less than 5 years of experience with a premium payment can choose their wage payment based on the minimum wage approved by the Superintendent for work up to the maximum approved wage. This year, the minimum monthly wage is 370,434 Rials and the maximum is 7 times the minimum wage.

The housewife premium is 14% for retirement benefits; retirement and death (payable to surviving survivors) are 16%, and retirement, death and disability are 20%. Meanwhile, 2 percent of the rates are government contributions.

Choosing to use health care is another benefit to the homeowner's insurance plan. In other words, if the women applying for this type of insurance are dependent on their father, mother or spouse and thus benefit from the benefits of the social security organization, there is no need to pay per capita treatment, otherwise they can the paid per capita treatment approved by the healthcare organization of the Social Security Organization.

The per capita treatment per annum is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, and this year it is set at 44 thousand USD per person


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