Tips on car slippage

سیاسی 2018-04-04
Having a car for a long time and fixing it is a major concern for car owners, one of the problems that anyone can face is car vibration. Solving vehicle problems can be easy, such as changing the tire, or balancing it, or maybe somewhat more complex problems, such as car steering problems. The problems caused by vehicle vibration include:

Motor Vehicle Problems:
Sometimes the vibration of the car may be due to engine problems, for example, the engine will not get enough fuel, air or spark that will be needed to run it. One of the symptoms caused by the automobile's laser engagement is engine problems: 1- Shaking or moving the car during high acceleration 2- In the range of special speeds 3. Cutting the machine 3. First, the machine starts to work well. After a while, it shakes that such symptoms may be caused by a car candle problem, and even if it is not a problem, it may be due to the wire attached to the candle that should be repaired or replaced. All in all, it can be said that the filter is dirty or blocked, which makes it difficult to drive fuel and oxygen to the engine.
Excel problems (car wheel axle)
Our car has many rotary and reciprocating parts that should be fitted to the right place to work properly. If the axle bends in the car, it's likely that there will be a stir in the car and this problem will increase as the vehicle speed increases. The main problem in this section is the investigation of the axle of the wheels. Because the transmission of a part of the engine's power is done by an axis and, if a problem occurs, one of the consequences is the vibration of the vehicle.
Car brake problem
If your vehicle shakes when braking, the first possibility is that your braking router may be twisted. The router is a clear silver disk that is equipped with a braking system. This section can be deformed by tear and should be referred to an expert in brake pads.
Having a tire car
The following can be said of the car vibration:
1. If your car shakes at certain speeds, it needs wheel balancing.
2. Tires have separate treads and, if these treads disappear, the tire needs to be replaced.
3. Unusual wear of the tire, in some cases, it's not the tire's vibration problem, but there are situations where the performance of the tire carries a problem, such as the problem of street pavement


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