Kia\'s new technology to understand drivers\' sentiments.

سیاسی 2019-03-11
Kia\'s new technology to understand drivers\' sentiments.
Kia Motors decides to present a new technology in the close future for the purpose of identifying people's emotions in reality through the receiving of biologic signals at the 2019 Electrical Products Fair.
The Technology Driven in Real -Time Emotion Technology, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been developed, according to Siyasi Business group quoted by Asr - e - Iran agency news.
The Korean automaker has announced that with the help of this technology, the cab will be optimized with specialist personalities and can "alert users of real-life capabilities" to give them a better grip. With this technology, drivers will not be very worried about driving or their own ride and can rest safely while driving.
"We developed this system in order to evolve the interactive future in the cabin space in the structure of artificial intelligence based on emotional intelligence," said Albert Birmingham, chair of the Kia Research and Development Institute. That's why the system can communicate emotionally without talking to drivers.
This product will be fully introduced next month.


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