White, the most popular color for cars among the people

سیاسی 2019-03-11
White, the most popular color for cars among the people
According to sa recent survey in October, White was still the most popular color in 2018 among people.
In October, about 50 percent of drivers or customers picked up a white car in most parts of North America, Asia and Europe for rental or purchase purposes, according to a report by Siyaso Business Group, quoted by Asr-e-Iran. Arrangements are in the second and third place in the marketplace.
If we look at the amount of cars sold by their color, from October of last year to the same period this year, the sale of red cars rose to 6.8%. This is while the black color with slightly increased popularity over the same period last year is at the bottom of the table.
In the table below, you can see the volume of sales of cars according to their color in October of this year and its differentiation with the same period last year.


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