Mapping the streets of the world with Google\'s backpack

سیاسی 2019-03-11
Mapping the streets of the world with Google\'s backpack
For recent years, Google has begun to provide Street View services and captures thousands of kilometers of camera with its own car, but has been replaced by an advanced backpack for some time.
This mapping is said to be done by a backpack, which has also been updated several times as Trikker, and Google employees will be using 360-degree images from the most remote parts of the world.
In addition, this backpack, with the 360-degree camera and equipped with a hard disk for storing data, as well as batteries for powering cameras throughout the day.
Google has provided better design and weight loss, including the benefits of the backpack, and the extra camera has been updated to make more powerful images of the surroundings. Of course, the previous model has weighed 18 kilograms.
Some cultural, historical and tourist institutions are expected to welcome this 360-degree images using this backpack and display them in Street View software.


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